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The New Bill Clinton: Fit, Lean And … Vegan?
By Julie Rooney   |  Oct 23, 2010

Once a notorious fan of burgers, junk food and other standards of the American Diet, Bill Clinton has recently become a poster child of sorts for whole foods.

Although he occasionally eats fish, Clinton has traded his processed sugars and packaged foods for a plant based diet in the wake of serious concerns raised in February about his heart’s health.

The 42nd president’s eating change isn’t just about the 24 pounds he lost. Kristin Wartman of Civil Eats writes:

“Clinton’s shift in thinking about the foods he eats seems to be indicative of a greater movement underway. Although his change was born out of necessity, we can only hope that he will serve as a role model to others hoping to avert catastrophic events like bypass surgery.”

Thanks to Clinton’s popularity and public presence (including his promotion of his diet change on CNN), he may serve as a powerful rallying point for widespread awareness of the benefits of whole foods. In a country where the obesity epidemic is on the rise and nearly 900 Americans die daily from causes related to heart diseases, public support of a healthy diet is more important than ever.

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