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About Us

ISKCON News is the modern incarnation of the print newspaper “ISKCON World Review,” later titled “Hare Krishna World.” For more than 30 years ISKCON News has been offering news articles, people profiles, feature articles, and opinion pieces related to the Hare Krishna community.

This online newspaper is intended for a broad audience that includes both Hare Krishna devotees and the general public. Our articles are therefore written as per current journalistic standards and with the greater public in mind.


News stories, featured articles, and people profiles should include research on and interviews with the persons involved. Photos/images and photo captions (that explain in brief the picture) are a MUST, please provide these upon submission.

News/Feature/People articles: Articles should be short – between 500 and 800 words, and should have short paragraphs. They should not include your opinions or first-person narratives.

Opinion pieces: Should be between 500 and 1,000 words. Here you can express your opinion, and write from the first person point of view. However, bear in mind that these articles must still be based on a springboard of solid facts.


The main/lead image for the article should be landscape with the dimension of 890X500 pixels or proportional, and secondary images for the body of the article can be either landscape or square (verticle images are not recommended).

ISKCON News retains the right to edit and publish or not publish any given article, at our discretion, and per our editorial policy.

Please note that ISKCON News retains the right to publish or not publish any given article, at our discretion, and per our editorial policy.

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